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Registro de matrimonio Abraham Senior Jr. y Rachel Calvo
Registro de matrimonio Abraham Senior Jr. y Rachel Calvo
Sinagoga de Curacao, escrito en arameo. 1820
De Franco Cabrera:
Traduccion por Israeli epecializado en Arameo Antiguo.
By the grace of the blessed God
On Friday, the eighteenth day of the month of Sivan of the year 5582 from the creation of the world, according to the reckoning by which we count here, on the island of Curaçao, in the city known as William [illegible], on the coast of the West Indian Sea, the gracious young man Abraham di David Senior, may his Rock protect and preserve him, came forth and said to the honorable maiden Raquel, may the Lord protect her, daughter of the exalted aristocrat Jacob Calvo, may he repose with dignity in the Garden of Eden, “Be my wife in accordance with the law of Moses and Israel, and I, with the grace of heaven, shall work and honor, nourish, provide for, and clothe you in accordance with the practice of Jewish men to conscientiously work and honor, nourish, provide for, and clothe their wives, and I give to you as your dowry the one hundred silver zuzim to which you are entitled by the Torah, and I shall be responsible for your fare, garb, and requirements, and knowing you as is the way of all the world”;
And the honorable Raquel, the aforementioned bride, then acceded and became the wife of the aforementioned young man, the groom Abraham;
And as for the trousseau, it is expressly written and bears his seal, done and abiding before the city scribe Joannes Rudolph Latia as of the twenty-third day of the month of June of the year 1820 according to their reckoning;
And the aforementioned groom said to us thus: “I accept the liability and restrictive usages of this marriage contract upon myself and upon my heirs, for compensation from the best of whatever property and acquisitions I have under all the heavens, both that I have acquired and that I shall acquire in future, property from which debts may be collected and with it [property] from which debts may not be collected—all shall serve as security and bond for [the amount of] this marriage contract that I accept upon myself and upon my heirs after me according to the liability and restrictive usages of all [amounts of] marriage contracts pertaining to the daughters of Israel and rendered in accordance with the mandates of our Sages of blessed memory, from this day forever onward, and not as collateral given without adequate consideration or as a contract specimen,” and we have performed an act of [solemnizing] acquisition from the aforementioned groom to the aforementioned honorable bride with regard to all that is written above, by means of an item that is fit for acquisitional use,
The whole being valid, clear, and abiding.